Top 5 Activities to Do in Prague!
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Bar or pub crawls, trips to the strip club or to the casino, and carousing with the boys out at night are all typical components of any stag party or a weekend. However, if you want to experience something that’s a bit more exciting, you may want to consider the following activities on a Prague stag weekend:

1.) Rub elbows with a jazz player at one of the jazz clubs in Old Town. One fascinating thing about Prague is that its artsy and vibrant nightlife helped bring about the fall of the Communist old regime, and hitting up one of the famous jazz clubs might just help you understand how that came to be on your Prague stag weekend.

2.) Drop by the Old Jewish Cemetery for some spooky chills. If you and your bachelor friends are thrill seekers who appreciate a bit of history, you may want to drop in at the famed Jewish Cemetery after a night at the club.

3.) Stroll in to one of the pewter and oak speakeasy bars for a taste of Prague’s best single malt whiskeys and spirits. Old Town Square has quite a few of such bars, but you can also try venturing a bit further off to discover your own favorite watering hole.

4.) Chow down on some of the finest Balkan cuisine in some of the city’s newest café’s and restaurants. Don’t miss out on the famed apple pierogi’s, in particular.

5.) Check out some of the latest galleries to marvel at the capital city’s thriving art scene.

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